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DIY Jewelry Storage

Inspired by this post I found via Hometalk, which in turn was linked from Pinterest, I decided to make myself an updated jewelry organizer/ storage device. I have very little dresser space (since I share my dresser with my girlfriend) and a very tiny bedroom, so something that could hang was ideal.But, I wasn’t happy with the burlap, and I wanted to use as much stuff that I had at home as I could.

Enter an old corkboard that was no longer being used! (Feel free to skip to Project Summary, if you aren’t interested in my commentary.) I took that bad boy down from where it had been hanging in the office/writing room I never use, and painted the edge with some purple paint I had in the craft room. (In the interests of full disclosure, I did end up buying extra paint to cover up some mistakes.)


After the edge was dry, I tacked a piece of scrap fabric (edges folded under) to the cork part of the board. Both the decorative tacks and the fabric were things I had laying around from other projects.


Then, I had to actually buy some things: hardware. I bought handles and knobs from the hardware section of Wal-mart, and screwed them through the corkboard. As you can see, the knobs are for bracelets and necklaces. and the handles are for French hook earrings. Improving (in my opinion) over the original design, I also added scrap ribbon to either side to put post-back earrings on.


In all, this project cost me $15.00 for the hardware, and may still cost me about $5 for another set of knobs (because I have too many bracelets!). I could have saved money if I had gone to a hardware store and gotten less expensive hardware. (For example, similar pieces would have cost me between $6-12 at Lowes or Home Depot, according to website prices). However, the corkboard new was a little pricey, so the project could have cost me more, too. The only drawback to this jewelry “box” is there is no place for rings.

Project Summary

DIY Hanging Jewelry Storage

You will need:

Cork board

Paint, for trim

fabric scrap cut to approximate size of cork, leaving edge to fold under

14-24 decorative tacks, depending on size of cork board

2 lengths of sheer ribbon, cut to desired size

2 drawer handles

4 drawer knobs


1. Paint edge of cork board and let dry.

2. Tack fabric scrap (edges tucked in) to cork board

3. Screw handles and knobs through cork board in desired configuration based on your needs.

4. Add ribbon with tacks.

5. Hang and load with jewelry!