Monthly Archives: January 2017

21 Days of Creativity: Day 21

I made it! 21 Days, 21 tangible results of my craftiness. The last day is two more scrapbook pages.

While technically a success, I’m not sure how I feel about requiring myself to finish a project every day. I may revisit this experiment with different parameters at a later date…


21 Days of Creativity: Day 20

I technically finished slightly after midnight local time, but I’m going to call this a win for the day because this project has been on my mind for a long time. And it’s been a very long day. Today’s project is a nickname we have for Ana. And now it’s immortalized in cross-stitch!

I’ll frame it when I get home.

21 Days of Creativity: Day 19

Like a bunny, before I go to Atlanta: scrapbooking pages for my craft of the day.

I have cross-stitch packed to work on while I’m in Atlanta and I should be back on Saturday in time to do something in my craft room.

21 Days of Creativity: Day 18

Today I finished Ana’s pussyhat as my creative project. I need to try it on her, though- I’m not sure I did enough rounds. If it fits, there will be an action shot later.

21 Days of Creativity: Day 17

I am so excited to share the craft I did today! I think it definitely makes up for two days of boring scrapbook pages and it something I have meant to do for a while now: a growth chart for Ana!

We had this particular piece of wood laying around in our garage for a while. The old owners of the house left it here. So when Anna turn one, we marked her height on it (27 1/2 inches), but I didn’t have time to decorate it then. Four months later, I finally have time. And here is the finished result:

Only goes up to 6 feet because Rob and I are very short but I think it will be good enough for Ana. I have also thought about adding a couple of embellishments to it (her name, some definition to the flowers) but I am calling it done for now.

21 Days of Creativity: Day 16

Baby Girl has been … less than sleepy all evening and I only sat down to craft at 10:45, so today’s craft is just a simple scrapbook page. I blurred the one picture for reasons that I hope are obvious.


21 Days of Creativity: Day 15

Today was rough, but I got something done!

┬áIt’s a good thing I have a ton of pictures to scrapbook! Easy to do in a time crunch!