21 Days of Creativity 

This year I have exactly three weeks between New Year’s Day and the day I have to be a Real Adult again (a conference in Atlanta, and you bet your sweet bippy I’ll be using my Conference Trip Planner!). That has inspired me to try something: 21 Days of Creativity, three weeks of projects. Unlike when I have tried this in the past, I don’t want to work a set amount of time each day – I want to have a finished product each day. I could work on some of my stuff for weeks and not have a finished product- that doesn’t seem motivating to me. So I have planned 21 mostly small things to do. And here is the first!

I painted this year’s empty molasses jar (the contents of which was split between gingerbread men and a molasses brown sugar glaze for the ham) to be a memory jar, stealing the idea from approximately a million people on the internet.

I already have two memories written down for today.

I’ll see you tomorrow, with another project write-up.


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2 thoughts on “21 Days of Creativity 

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