Daily Archives: June 8, 2017

Time To … Thursdays: Time to Organize

I am horribly, regrettably, insufferably bad at organization.

I’ve talked about this before. And if you are as bad at organization as I am, you know it. No one will let you forget it. The world require adults to have a modicum of organizational talent, and if you’re a mom, you had better have it in spades.

So what are all we unorganized, bumbling fools to do? We have to learn to be organized. What comes naturally to other people, we must actively work at. We have to approach it like we would learning any other skill, and try not to be completely green with envy about everyone else’s perceived organizational skills.

I say perceived, because there are honestly people in my life who think I’m organized. They’re fools, but I’m too nice to say it to their faces.

What I have learned to do, is watch other people. See how they stay organized. With the existence of the internet, it shouldn’t be that hard to find organizational methods that work. Binders and planners have become my friend. I’ve even made a few planners myself, when nothing I was finding was working quite right.

But the other thing I have learned to do, is make time to organize. It’s not always easy. You’re super busy, you’re super tired, your kids are up past their bedtime for the third night in a row- but you have to make time. Maybe you can sit at your desk one lunch break a week and work on what you need for the week. Carve some time out after dinner when the family is still eating. (I don’t know about you but when I don’t have to help Baby Girl, I’m the first one done, which is happening much more frequently now that she’s a big girl!) The more time you make to get organized, the easier it will become. It’ll be less like a chore and more like a relief.

Today, I’ve been taking some time to get organized for the summer. In addition to the monthly calendar and weekly meal planners, I’ve also found a travel planner to use for our family vacation in July.

Where is organization most needed in your life? Work? Home? Some combination or subset thereof?