Daily Archives: June 12, 2017

Menu Monday: Breakfast!

I might have mentioned before how much I like making omelettes in the morning, because they are quick and easy, not to mention infinitely adaptable.  But on Thursday, I did not want an omelette.

Nor did I want a bagel.

Or toast.

Or cereal.

So I made buttermilk pancakes. That link is to my favorite buttermilk pancake recipe. The listed recipe is for 12 servings, but I usually make a third of the recipe and it is more than enough for myself, my husband, and Baby Girl, who can utterly destroy some pancakes when she’s hungry.

The stack turned out beautifully:


It’s supposed to make eight pancakes, but it made nine. I also omitted the melted butter in the original recipe, and instead put butter in the pan as I was frying them (it ended up being about an equal amount of butter.)

I also had buttermilk frozen from when I made the German chocolate cupcakes, so it was easy to whip these up on the fly.

We ate ours with just butter and syrup, but you could mix it up by topping them with whipped cream (homemade is healthiest) and fresh fruit. You could put peanut butter on them. You could omit the egg in the batter and use applesauce (which I have done for other recipes but not this one, so you may have to play with the ratio a little bit for optimal results.)

If you need to take them on the go, cut them into bites and turn them into dunkers with a small container of syrup.

The best part of it all? It only took about twenty minutes to make them and clean up the dishes. That’s only about ten minutes more than my usual omelette.

Breakfast is an important part of the day. It helps you and your kids focus on the day ahead, and sitting down to eat it together can  add just that little bit extra family time you might be craving.