Daily Archives: June 17, 2017

Self-Care Saturday: Hobbies

How many of you out there have hobbies that you love but you never spend any time on any more?

I know I’m one of those people. Since my 21 Days of Creativity earlier this year, I don’t think I’ve done much on any of my hobbies recently. I just haven’t had time, especially with Baby Girl getting into everything and not wanting to sleep on a normal schedule.

That is hopefully going to change this weekend. I have been itching to create something, and I am determined to do it. As soon as I figure out which project to work on.

On the bright side, some of my other hobbies are going well. I’ve been catching up a little on playing my Sims 2 game (which I play in an incredibly involved style. I’ve been running the same game since 2007.) My garden is maybe finally going to give me some tomatoes – one of the cherry tomatoes was definitely orange when I checked on it this morning.

I’ve been cooking up a storm, and it wasn’t all by necessity. I made some lemon curd on Wednesday night, after I had all those egg yolks left over from the failed angel food cake.

All in all, it’s been pretty good, but I still think I need to make something that is more permanent and more creative.

What hobbies of yours have you been neglecting? Can you pledge a little self-care time to work on one of them?