Daily Archives: June 22, 2017

Time to…Thursday: Naptime

I hate the last few minutes of nap time. Baby Girl has an unfortunately flexible nap schedule, in large part due to my messed up work schedule, but also in small part due to my husband (her primary caregiver) not being very focused on keeping her on the schedule. He is a very Go With the Flow Daddy, and usually that works, but when I am home during nap time, it gets stressful for me. I am almost always trying to get One Last Thing done, maximizing my time sans-toddler during this time. And doing it while trying to stay very very quiet, because noises travel strangely in our old house. Sometimes what I am trying to do is something fun, sometimes it is most definitely not.

Today, to be blunt, it is dealing with a stomachache from eating too much Thai Chicken Satay (don’t take it out on the recipe, my stomach is just very finicky when I over eat, and the satay is so, so worth it.)

But other times, it’s answering a work email, or starting a load of laundry, or doing dishes- things I don’t easily get done unless she’s being watched by Daddy or in her high chair.

The pack ‘n’ play has only been useful as a portable bed since she started walking. Plus, she’s so good at stacking – and standing on things – that she would probably pull a Houdini if she was in it with any toys.

So, I try to hurry. And sometimes I get everything done. Sometimes I don’t. 

Are there parts of the day you dread? Are there ways to make it better?