Self-care Saturday: Bless Yourself

As mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, we are often consumed with making sure that everyone else is taken care of, is feeling good, is made to feel special, loved, etc.

Not all of us are getting that in return. Some of us are getting that in return, but maybe not often enough or consistently enough. That is why today I am telling you that as part of your self-care, you need to make an effort to bless yourself.

Write yourself an appreciation note, affirming what you like about yourself. No qualifiers. Just what you like about yourself.

Make yourself a special snack or meal. Preferably something you won’t have to share. (I like lemon curd. No one else in my family does. It’s one of my go-to blessings!)

Send yourself flowers. Or pick them, if you have a garden or access to one. A pretty bouquet is always nice.

Most things that you would do for others, you can also do for yourself. If you do them with intentional kindness to yourself, you are blessing yourself and reaffirming your commitment to taking care of yourself. And remember, when your needs are met, you can better meet the needs of others.


One thought on “Self-care Saturday: Bless Yourself

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