Daily Archives: June 25, 2017

Savings Sunday: Cook for Yourself 

I do a lot of home cooking, because I enjoy cooking. But even if you don’t enjoy it, persay, it is still useful to have some cooking skill.

For one thing, it’s much more cost effective to cook for yourself than to eat out every night, especially if you know how to adjust the size of recipes, or how to properly store leftovers. So in this two-part blog post, I’m going to try to help! Today’s post is tips and tricks for cooking, and tomorrow’s post for Menu Monday will be some low-cost, high quality recipes, and easy substitutions you can make.

First of all, pay attention to serving size. Most recipes I find on the internet these days are four servings, but many can be stretched to six. Some are even written for eight.

If you know you have a problem with portion control, you can adjust for this when you compare the serving size with the ingredients. A pound of meat easily feeds four and can sometimes be stretched to six if there are other proteins in the meal, but if you’re a meat-a-tarian like my husband, you may want to stick to the four.

Second is, learn a couple of easy recipes (like the ones I will be linking to tomorrow, for example.) Once you’ve learned, let’s say – 10 of them, you can make dinner every night and change it up. Plus, if you learn a variety of cooking methods, you can branch out more easily. I like a lot of variety in my meals, but my husband has noted that a lot of my recipes come down to meat + veg + sauce + pasta or meat + rice + veg + cheese. Add in spices and the variety is endless.

Third, do not be afraid of spices. Most are inexpensive and a little can go a long way. Plus, food that has been well spiced holds up better as leftovers.

Fourth, don’t waste leftovers. Invest in some decent plastic storage (I like the 30 piece Rubbermaid sets myself. They’re usually on sale at Walmart and Target around Black Friday.) In a pinch though, some Ziploc bags will do.

Fifth, plan meals.

Sixth, prep some of your meals ahead of time when you have time to save you time when you don’t. This includes chopping veggies or cutting up meat. It could even go so far as mixing spice blends.

Tomorrow, we will talk about some easy recipes you can whip up.