Time To… Thursday: Time to Go on a Trip!

We here at my house are preparing to go on a trip!

It will be the first trip we’ve taken with Baby Girl in almost a year, and it will be longer and farther from home! The last trip was an overnight for a conference and day at the zoo for Baby Girl’s first birthday. 

So mommy is in planning mode. We’ll need hotels booked (with continental breakfast, at least, so I can get Baby Girl’s morning milk sippy!) We need clothes packed, beach gear purchased. Someone to come check on the house while we’re gone. To switch to the new car seat so she can get used to it.

I’m only a little bit freaking out. And that’s not even getting into the budget!

Luckily I have an excellent planner developed by another mommy blogger. I’ve used it for trips before she was born and I love it. Unfortunately, it seems that the blog is down and I don’t feel comfortable uploading someone else’s work.

Do you run into this problem? It’s the first I’ve ever encountered- though I have found previously free things behind a paywall with little-to-no warning.

Perhaps in the coming weeks, I will develop my own travel planner and share it with you all.

Until then, there are many other options out there – many of them very in depth!


One thought on “Time To… Thursday: Time to Go on a Trip!

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