Time To… Thursday: Time to Switch Car seats! 

In preparation for our long car ride later this month, we have switched out Baby Girl’s car seat. At her last check up she had very nearly exceeded the weight limit of her pumpkin! 

I sort of agonized about this. You see, we have a very small car and a very large car seat. She’s still under the age of two, so she should be rear-facing, but we weren’t sure we could even get the thing to fit rear facing. She’s well past the weight requirement of forward facing (which is 20 lbs, according to the directions of the seat. She is approaching 30, if she hasn’t hit it yet.) I’m not sure of any height recommendations, but she’s also as tall for her age as she is heavy for her age (very proportional!) And she is close to age two. About 2 months away. 

So we decided to put her forward facing, for better or worse. But it was a very tough decision, with a lot of factors, so if you all out there are agonizing, you are not alone! And every situation is different- as long as you are obeying the law, don’t let anyone undermine your decision!


One thought on “Time To… Thursday: Time to Switch Car seats! 

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