Savings Sunday: Saving Money on Vacation 

To say we can’t afford to go on vacation would be disingenuous. We are fairly comfortable, we have a modest savings, and no major expenses for the foreseeable future. That being said, we do need to be reasonable, and it still makes me a little bit nervous. We have had minor roof damage, a popped tire, and unexpected medical bills due to billing errors in the past two years. Suffice to say I am a little gun shy about spending a large amount of money and even with my savings ideas this is still going to take quite a bit of money. But my blog is not for bitching about my troubles. It’s about helping you all out. So here are some ways we are trying to save a little money on this vacation.
First, we are driving instead of flying. Both our starting location and our destination are far from large airports so we would be spending quite a bit of money trying to fly from here to there, or we would be spending at least 4 to 5 hours driving to the airport and from the airport each way on top of the time it would take for us to actually fly. It’s not quite the same amount of time but at least when we’re driving we can stop whenever we want and take our time.

Second when we stop for the night on our trip, we will be using Priceline or one of the other hotel booking sites and getting last minute deals. We did our entire honeymoon road trip this way and it actually worked out quite well. It helps that the only real requirement we have is that the place is clean and has a continental breakfast so that we can get Baby Girl’s morning milk cup. Depending on the exact nature of the breakfast and the time it is available, we may just eat on the road. We haven’t decided yet.

Third, our vacation is going to be at my mother’s house. I grew up near the beach so it’s a great vacation location already, and then we don’t have to spend money on a hotel while we’re there. We will be getting a hotel one of the days, but that is when we are visiting husband’s grandmother. She is in ill health and does not need the added burden of house guests.

We are hoping that these cost cutting measures will allow us more money to spend on food and activities and perhaps a souvenir or two since it will be Baby Girl’s first trip out there. I will report back whether or not we managed to stay on budget.


One thought on “Savings Sunday: Saving Money on Vacation 

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