Together Tuesday: Catching Up with Old Friends

It can be hard to have quality time with friends when you have a family.

It can be even harder when you now live 1000 miles away.

I made my peace with this when I moved for college, and thanks to social media, I keep up fairly well with the one (!) friend from back home that I still want to talk to.

I have mostly purged everyone from back home other than her – except the interesting ones. But I digress- this isn’t about me. This is about my husband, who I stole away from Virginia four years ago almost exactly. He has a couple of friends and old coworkers he’d like to see while we’re in the area, visiting his grandmother (who hates me, but I suppose has a right to see our daughter.)

Planning this has been tough, because the friend he most wants to see has a wife and kid of his own. The last time we saw this friend, it was for his wedding. But I think we carved some time out.

It’ll suck for me, because I’ll probably be at the hotel watching Baby Girl sleep – or not sleep, if I’m terribly unlucky- because it’s going to me in the evening. But it’s worth it for my husband to get to see his friend.

Sometimes even people outside the friendship need to make a little effort!


One thought on “Together Tuesday: Catching Up with Old Friends

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