Time To… Thursday’s: Time to Drink from a Cup?!

We are a little behind, but with Baby Girl’s first dentist appointment coming up, we decided it was time to wean her from the sippy to a regular cup.

That being said, I don’t want to be mopping spilled milk off my floor all the time, so we have tried an intermediary step: a 360 spill-proof cup.

The results so far have been good but hilarious- because it’s a 360 drinking edge, she likes to drink from the top edge. That’s fine for this cup, but I’m not sure how she’ll do on the real cup because of it.

The other problem is that, while spill proof, the cups are not tantrum proof. If she throws the cup, I’m still going to be mopping up.

We aren’t sure when we’re going to go to the next step. But this step went very smoothly. She hasn’t really wanted a sippy, so I think we could have made the transition even if I had been working.


One thought on “Time To… Thursday’s: Time to Drink from a Cup?!

  1. […] actual trip was amazing. Baby Girl hit many milestones directly before and during the trip, and we had a blast. She got to ride on her first carousel, and we got pictures […]

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