Savings Sunday: Post Vacation Report 

Well, we’re back from our vacation and the results are in: we stuck to the budget, mostly – except for the fact that I cracked my phone screen and had to have it replaced.

But, we DID save about $40 by getting our oil changed while we were out there – despite moving, the dealership my husband bought our car from still honors the “free oil changed for life” and by the time we got out there, our oil life was under 30% anyway.

It doesn’t quite even out, but at least it’s one thing I probably won’t have to worry about for another 6 months.

And a special shout out to our friends Ashton and Tara for letting us crash at their place even though they had work in the morning. I had budgeted between $150 and $225 for hotels and they helped us stay on track (at $190. We got a bit sidetracked in the fog on the way out to the shore and had to stop in the middle of nowhere!)


One thought on “Savings Sunday: Post Vacation Report 

  1. […] actual trip was amazing. Baby Girl hit many milestones directly before and during the trip, and we had a blast. She got to ride on her first carousel, and we got pictures and video. […]

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