Menu Monday: Back to Normal 

After vacation, I always have a little bit of trouble getting back into the swing of things, cooking-wise. I ended up not cooking for my mom (she wouldn’t let me, and everyone was trying to feed us), so I hadn’t cooked for a week when we got home, and there were obviously no groceries.

So we ate out Friday night, and I ran to the store for some essentials to get us through until our normal shopping day of Sunday. For Saturday’s dinner, I made this amazing Chicken Shawarma from Jo Cooks, because it’s a family favorite and really easy to make. I usually cheat on the garlic sauce and just use mayonnaise with extra lemon juice and the garlic and it works great.

Later today, though, when Baby Girl naps, I’m going to try my hand at zucchini bread- Mom gave me a TON of zucchini from her garden and it turns out that both my husband and my daughter love zucchini bread. Mom had some with pineapple and chocolate chips – Baby Girl ate two slices while we were there and Mom gave me a slice for her to have as a snack on the way back. My recipe won’t be quite as loaded but I hope she’ll enjoy it anyway!


One thought on “Menu Monday: Back to Normal 

  1. […] It was good to get Baby Girl back into a routine, one augmented by her newfound love of zucchini bread. The second recipe I’ve made is , in my opinion, the superior one, but we have two more weeks […]

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