Daily Archives: August 2, 2017

Working Wednesday: Catch Up

Between vacation and a broken phone, I got a little behind even on my emails for work. People have been very understanding, but time moves on and deadlines approach, so I have been trying to play catch up today.

Most of the problem has been that there is a possible crisis brewing in my library with regards to staff – but I can’t do anything about it until the shoe drops except develop plan after plan after plan. I don’t even want to let my supervisors know, just in case it turns into a big nothing burger.

So I develop a couple of plans and try to let it go. I think I have mainly come to terms with how my semester is possibly going to roll out – it’ll at least give me fodder for this blog.

Back to playing catchup, though.

My inbox was full of a lot of things that needed a little bit of attention and I managed to get through them fairly easily. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but (based on subject line) I sorted through them: first all the “save the date” type emails, then all the emails needing a quick response, and then the emails needing a long response. A couple fell into multiple categories- I placed them into the category that took the longest. After I worked through them all, I browsed the ones that didn’t need any work (one person sent me an article to read, another sent me an update on the timeline for my newest publication, that sort of thing.)

I feel like this is the fastest way to work through a large backlog, because I can stay in the right mindset (or in some cases, the right program, since some of those things needed to be put in my calendar) while I’m working on things.

Do you have a method for getting through a lot of emails? Or do you just slog through in order of receipt?