Daily Archives: August 3, 2017

Time To… Thursday’s: Time to Go Back to School?!?

No, I’m not attending school. I’m just thinking about all the work emails I answered yesterday.

As I mentioned, a lot of them were save the date type emails that I needed to make note of in my calendar. Next week, we’ll be doing our campus faculty orientation, where I will implore our faculty to let me into their classrooms to talk to students. 

Then, the following week, it’s back to work – sort of. Monday I’ll go into the office for a couple of hours to get my support staff situated for orientations the following day. I’ll also be getting ready for my all day Faculty retreat the following day which will keep me away from the house from about 8am to 4 pm, maybe a little longer – I’ll be too far away to come home for lunch.

And the day after that, it’s the huge library kickoff, also far from home.

And then Friday, it’s convocation, which thankfully is optional since it’s early in the morning. I might head into town for the little picnic after, though.

At any rate, this is an abrupt adjustment after many weeks of me being home all day. We’ll see how Baby Girl handles it this year.