Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

Self-Care Saturday:?What to Do When You’re Bad At Self-Care

This week, I have been terrible at self-care. But I didn’t realize how bad it was until my husband was running late for dinner.

I was waiting for him to finish up something, so he could watch Baby Girl  and I could start dinner. And I kept waiting. And kept waiting…

I blew up at him. He apologized, but he did question the virulence of my reaction. So, I thought about it.

  • I hadn’t had any water- just sodas and milk- for several days.
  • I hadn’t been getting very good sleep, because Baby Girl was waking up in the middle of the night.
  • I hadn’t done much of anything fun since we got home from vacation.
  • I hadn’t kept up with my learning programs (one, a general trivia app and the other a language app.)
  • I’d been the primary caretaker of Baby Girl since we got back, with very little break other than sleeping and naps.

I took stock of all of this and tried to think of ways to remedy it.

The first one was super easy – I have a Water Consumption Tracker in my planner; I just hadn’t been using my planner at all since vacation. I may have gotten a little too lax on vacation.

The second was a bit more difficult, but I am tracking how much sleep I get at night and napping when she naps if I get less than 6 hours of sleep. my husband has helped with this by picking up some of the chores when needed.

The third happened a bit by accident. I made a rather spectacular dinner and remembered how nice it is to cook, not just for sustenance, but because I want to. I have also started working on Halloween decorations! I love Halloween, so it’s extra exciting for me! I tried to play one of my video games, but it keeps crashing. Stressing myself out with it is not self-care.

I resumed my learning apps. Again, easy – I just had to think to do it.

Last, I asked for my husband’s help in watching Baby Girl. He’s watching her right now while I write this, in fact.

There you have it. If you or those around you are noticing behavior changes in you, take a moment to take stock of your self-care routine. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Has something changed in my stress-levels? (Do I need more self-care?)
  2. Has something changed in my self-care activities? (Are there things I’ve been doing less?)
  3. What can I do to even out the amount of stress in my life with the time and effort I put into self-care? (How do I make things more equal?)

This can be remembered thusly: More – Less – Equal.