Daily Archives: August 6, 2017

Savings Sunday: Saving on Birthdays!

I grew up seriously spoiled when it came to birthdays, even though we didn’t have a ton of spare money, and my birthday was damn near on Christmas (4 days before.)

So, naturally, I want to spoil Baby Girl on her birthday, too. She’s still little enough that it’s pretty easy – I can buy her clothes. But I still want to get a good deal.

Enter Kohl’s. They have some of the best sales I’ve ever seen, and their store brand for kids (Jumping Beans) has so far held up nicely- I even look for it when I go to yard sales. Plus, it’s easily the cutest stuff I ever see in this town.

Shopping here is not great.

So, back to making the biggest birthday I can: I do buy a lot of clothes. About 6 or 7 gifts of hers this year will be clothes. But, thanks to planning ahead and taking advantage of sales, I will have spent a total of $60 on that portion of her birthday. Those 6 or 7 gifts will include: 2 dresses, one pair of pants, 4 short sleeved tops , three long sleeved tops, and a 4 piece set of pajamas. I just haven’t figured out how I’m going to wrap them yet.

I stacked a $10 Kohl’s cash promotion on a $5 reward, added another $10 off-when-you-spend-$50, put a 15% off coupon on top of a that, all on top of doorbuster prices. And then I got another $10 Kohl’s cash & 20% off coupon, which I will use next week to finish up my shopping.

Now if I could just find a sale like this for toys….