Menu Monday: Zucchini Bread Redux

Getting a little behind on my blog as I gear up for the new semester!

Yesterday I tried a second zucchini bread recipe. My mother sent me home with three large zucchinis when we came to visit, and when I shredded them, they produced eight cups of zucchini, which was enough for eight loaves.

It’s a good thing, too, because we went through two loaves of bread last week. Because Baby Girl is a toddler, in sure a great deal of it ended up being thrown on the floor, but we still ate a ton of it! And with an approximate toddler sized serving of veggies in each slice, mommy is happy.

There is a lot of sugar in the recipe (every recipe), but I’m still fairly pleased, and the new recipe I used does have just slightly less sugar.

The recipe said two or three loaves … I didn’t have the bulk of the (optional) nuts, so I split the batter between two of my Pampered Chef stoneware loaf pans. I did need about 5 extra minutes of cook time, but that could have easily been my oven’s fault. Either way, the recipe turned out great!

I’m thinking that when we run out of zucchini, I’ll make banana bread.

One thought on “Menu Monday: Zucchini Bread Redux

  1. […] to get Baby Girl back into a routine, one augmented by her newfound love of zucchini bread. The second recipe I’ve made is , in my opinion, the superior one, but we have two more weeks and two more […]

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