Together Tuesday: Vacation Round-Up and Debriefing 

I managed to wring a lot of posts out of this vacation (before and after), but I promise this will be the last post about it.

First, let’s review the planning stage of our family vacation. As I mentioned in this post, I used a now-unavailable planner for planning our trip. Though I have used it successfully in the past, I found it to be somewhat lacking now that I have a toddler. I had hoped to have a new planner available for you all today, but life has gotten in the way, as usual. I hope to update this post with it when I’m finished, so stay tuned.

The hotel planning went well, though we did get a tad lost in the fog and missed where we were originally going to stop- it didn’t make us miss a reservation, but it did make me book our reservation later than I expected, and we overspent by about $35. We learned from our mistakes and booked an inexpensive hotel on the way back. My husband’s friends also helped us save money by letting us crash at their place one night.

..  Priceline did let me down a bit. The hotel may have been a Sheraton, but it was rundown. I certainly wouldn’t have paid full price for that room.

The actual trip was amazing. Baby Girl hit many milestones directly before and during the trip, and we had a blast. She got to ride on her first carousel, and we got pictures and video. She also loves seafood (no allergies!) and the ocean (no fear!).

Returning home was really nice, too, unexpectedly. It was good to get Baby Girl back into a routine, one augmented by her newfound love of zucchini bread. The second recipe I’ve made is , in my opinion, the superior one, but we have two more weeks and two more recipes to try.

This will definitely go down as a great memory, at least for the adults. But now it’s time for mommy to resume her work duties.


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