Daily Archives: August 10, 2017

Time To… Thursday: Time to Go to Meetings

And so it begins. Technically, I am not required to report to work until August 15th; that is the official start of the semester for faculty, as told to me when I started this job. But… things aren’t always as cut and dry as that. Once I was in the job, I quickly realized that things drag me back to work before the semester begins. And today is the first of those things.

This evening, I’ll be attending the regional campus faculty orientation. We have a lot of adjuncts, so we have an orientation every year just to refresh everyone. I will be there, begging them to let me into their classrooms to teach information literacy.

I did a trial run of being out of the house on Tuesday. Baby Girl was … not pleased, but my husband said she calmed down fairly quickly after I left.

Since this event is happening in the evening, I have a secret weapon: homemade pizza. I needed something easy for my husband to pop in the oven while I was gone, and Baby Girl loves pizza.

Hopefully it’ll distract her while I’m gone. And then on Monday, I’ll be gone four or five hours, and then Tuesday, I’ll be gone even longer then I typically am, for our all day retreat.

Wish me luck!