Flashback Friday: Last Summer

My first summer with my daughter should have been quite lovely; her birthday was at the right time for her to start being really active around the same time I went on vacation – she started crawling a little bit before it started, and she was pulling herself up on furniture before it ended.

Unfortunately, things beyond my daughter made last summer extremely uncomfortable for me. We were still paying off hospital bills, so a real vacation was out of the question. And we had my mother-in-law temporarily living with us, which complicated matters.

I don’t talk about my mother-in-law on here, and for good reason. Our relationship is strained because of bad choices she has made, mainly of a financial nature.

But, back to last summer. We had a very quiet, uneventful summer, which was probably a good thing, given everything else that was going on. I didn’t even go to the big annual conference I usually go to, because I was out of travel money.

Despite it being for the best, I definitely regret not doing more. This summer has definitely been much better, though a little more stressful, and next summer promises to be even better – I have a new committee appointment that requires me to travel to New Orleans next June.


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