Daily Archives: August 25, 2017

Flashback Friday: The First Time My Coworkers Saw Baby Girl

So, yesterday I did a thing that I hate. I took my daughter to work with me for about an hour and a half. I have a weird work schedule, and I’m usually only at work for about two hours after lunch, so when she refused a nap yesterday, and I could see my husband had been really, really counting on that nap to give him a break, I gave up, packed her up in the car and went back to work.

My co-workers are perfectly fine with this, because they think she’s precious and adorable and every single one of them with kids under 15 have had their child here at some point. Some more than others. I hate it, but I’m not getting in trouble for it, so I suppose I should be thankful. But it got me thinking about the first time I took her to work, and that’s where this Flashback Friday is going:

Technically I took her to work before I was officially back from maternity leave, but she and I stayed in the car and my husband ran in to deliver the paperwork – my student worker (and friend) had offered to fax some documents for me that the main campus needed so I wouldn’t have to go all the way down there. I had this weird giant zit on my face, made worse by a reaction to an OTC acne medication, and I just did not want to deal with everyone, but if the paperwork didn’t get in, I was going to be forced to stay on maternity leave another several days. Seriously Did Not Want.

But the first time everyone actually saw her was in April, when she was about seven months old. We have fun events every year for our students, where we watch a sports game (football in the fall, baseball in the spring), grill food, and generally have a good time. It was a work event, but I wasn’t expected to be working, and families are encouraged to come, so it felt fine to me.

They all doted on her and told me how precious she was, but even so, I felt the entire time that it was weird to have her at work (even a work-sponsored event). I really, really feel like my work life and my personal life should never, ever meet.

Since then, they’ve seen her three times. The Fall 2016 event, the Spring 2017 event, and yesterday.