Daily Archives: August 30, 2017

Working Wednesday: Kicking My ASS!

Have I mentioned yet that basically from the word go, work has been kicking my ass this semester? Some of it is scheduling difficulties (see this post about how much my Wednesdays are sucking.) Some of it is just a truckload of back to school stuff that happens every year (setting schedules, weeding the serials collection, catching up on e-mails and making sure that I haven’t missed anything while I’ve been out, preparing for my normal continuance review.) Some of it is that I have decided to try to get tenure early.

Some of it is good, though. I’m writing a presentation on Hemingway that several people have already shown interest in. I’ll be giving it tomorrow, and then that stress will be out of the way. I have three classes scheduled to teach, and another four that we’re trying to nail down schedules for. (That will be a new record for me if they all end up happening.) I might end up teaching my first Friday/Saturday class this semester (and that isn’t in the above count.) I’m going to dinner with my boss and a potential presenter to gauge a feel for if he wants to come talk on my campus.

Still, it’s tiring. And Baby Girl is sleeping through the night approximately every other night. And refusing naps. My husband has been picking up the slack on the dishes and the laundry, though, and for that, I’m grateful.

I feel like this whole stress-wave is going to break and I’ll feel much better – I’m just not sure when the break will happen. Maybe after this presentation? Or maybe after my continuance review? I am supposed to have until the end of September to put together my tenure portfolio but I’m trying to get a rough draft done by the 10th.

Until then, I’d better keep trucking on, and try to work in some self-care where I can.