Daily Archives: October 5, 2017

Time To… Thursdays: Time to Turn an Annoyance into Opportunity

So, I am sitting here at work when I should technically be on vacation. No, I hadn’t planned to go anywhere, but it would have been nice to spend today with my family. Instead, I am at the reference desk for four hours (already halfway through, so that’s nice!) because my part-timer had to work at her other job. When I set the hours for the library for this week, she hadn’t got the other job yet, and obviously it would have been bad form to abruptly close the library. So I stepped in for the hours today and she will be working tomorrow, so I at least get one day off!

That being said, Fall Break in the library is incredibly dull. It isn’t completely useless – I’ve seen two students today and one of them had an actual reference question – but it is very very quiet. So I am trying to take this annoyance and turn it into opportunity. I’m running around cleaning the reference desk, getting things sorted out that I have allowed to pile up, and taking things down to my office – which, yes, is unfortunately on a different floor than the library. This building was not built with the library in mind.

Basically, I’m trying to treat it like a organization day and I am hoping that taking this attitude will help me turn around my semester, because boy has this semester been rough so far! So far I’ve got a lot done, and I still have another hour and fifteen minutes to go.