Daily Archives: October 6, 2017

Flashback Friday: Halloween 2015

I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to start posting about Halloween yet – I still have, what, three more Fridays in the month and only one other Halloween to talk about? But here I am without anything better to talk about and a limited time to write. I had thought I would be able to write this weekend’s posts yesterday but then a friend and former student dropped by the library and derailed all plans of getting anything done before my three day weekend.

Anyway, on Halloween 2015, I was still on maternity leave. Actually, specifically, I was still on maternity leave for the office Halloween party at the main campus, and it was all because I had lost all concept of days of the week and forgot that Halloween was a Saturday. So I couldn’t go to the Halloween party, worried that someone might think I was violating doctor’s orders. And this was before the new dean who is a stickler for policy.

Baby  Girl was of course also too young to go trick or treating at only a month old, but the family still dressed up to hand out candy to our neighborhood kids. I was Padme Amidala, my husband was Anakin Skywalker, and Baby Girl was Princess Leia.

Altogether, the costumes were pretty easy to throw together, and since I was on maternity leave, I had plenty of time to work on them!