Daily Archives: October 8, 2017

Savings Sunday: Budget Lockdown… Again. 

A few things are converging to make me nervous about the budget again, some of which I probably shouldn’t talk about freely at the moment. Things I can talk about, though are: my mortgage escrow being miscalculated, Trump’s ridiculous tax plan that will probably screw me over, and the holidays coming up. General normal budgeting problems, in other words.

So, we’re on budget lockdown again, and I am trying my damnedest to actually follow through. When I run out of cash, I’ll be done with yard sales for the year. We’re trying not to eat out (though we broke that on Thursday night… must try to do better!) There is a strict budget for anniversary at the end of the month – $100 for cards, presents, and our anniversary dinner. If we can spend less, I’ll be thrilled.

If we get through the month, I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks, but right now I’m thinking about motivation. What keeps you motivated to penny-pinch when it’s not strictly necessary? That’s always been my downfall, so I’d like to hear your ideas!