Daily Archives: October 14, 2017

Self-Care Saturday: Passion Project 

The internet is full of advice that suggests you should have a passion project, for your mental health if nothing else, but what is a passion project? It’s a creative endeavor that is supposed to bring you happiness, make you feel productive, and give you focus. The internet also suggests that this passion project also be something outside of your normal career path.

I’m not sure that last piece of advice need always be the case, because for the last four years, I’ve had a series of passion projects that were often related to my day job, and they’ve made me very happy.

That being said, very little about my job is making me truly happy right now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love being a librarian, but I’m finding it hard to bring my usual enthusiasm to it right now – projects aren’t working right, or I’m busy tying up loose ends, or I’m impatiently waiting for things to start. It’s a confluence of events that I will work through in due time, but until then, what to do?

Well, tomorrow, I am going to announce something I’ve been working on all week and which will likely keep me busy the rest of the month (at least.) Meanwhile, I want you to think about what you could be doing as a passion project.