Daily Archives: October 17, 2017

Together Tuesday: Running with a Schedule (But Not Letting the Schedule Run You)

As I have talked about many, many times before, my daughter’s sleep schedule is atrocious, but lately it has gotten even worse (which I frankly didn’t think was possible.) She is an incredibly willful child when it comes to sleep – on both ends. She will fight going to sleep with the tenacity of a prize fighter, but she will also squirm and fuss and whine if she’s woken up before she wants to be woken up.

And because my husband stays home with her all day, we have been way too lax about getting her on a schedule. Plus, my work schedule has been crazy and I’m afraid that any schedule we try to put her on is going to get screwed up on any given Wednesday (or Friday when I’ve gone to a conference. Or .. well, you get the idea.) I don’t want to blame this solely on my employee whose class schedule interrupts our work schedule.

So now I’m in the predicament of developing a schedule that lets me run my day-to-day with more ease (and let’s be honest, more sleep), but that can also be flexible – or at least workable – when my schedule changes. It’s a tough thing, to be sure. Especially when she seems to refuse to sleep more than six hours at night. I really don’t like starting my day at 5 am, when I sometimes have to be at work until 8pm.

I think the first step is going to be to have a heart-to-heart with my husband, since he tends to be the one who has to implement the hardest parts of a schedule (namely getting her to sleep when I’m not there.) She will fall asleep for him, if she can be convinced to sit still long enough.

I will report again when I figure out what step two is….