Working Wednesday: I Find Your Lack of Motivation Disturbing

Sorry for the bastardization of the Star Wars quotes, but I felt like it was appropriate.

I thought I had rebounded from my lack of motivation when it comes to work after preparing for a presentation at a conference. It was not too much work to prepare it ( since it was just a rehash of a topic that I have presented on probably a dozen times-  I really need to move on from that topic!) and I felt pretty good with the idea that I was going to get away from campus, meet new people, and get to talk about my work. Even scheduling snafus at my library could not keep me from being excited. This was going to be the turning point in my semester!

And then came a wrong turn, my GPS not knowing where I was (apparently its last update was before a particular interstate got extended), another wrong turn because I wasn’t sure where the interstate would spit me out, unexpectedly driving through the town where my daughter was born (a traumatizing experience I still haven’t brought myself to talk about on here), and 21 miles of construction traffic. Plus, I had to circle the block three times to find the parking for the place, but by that point, it hardly registered as a problem on my radar. I was two hours late for the conference, but mercifully still early for my presentation. And I didn’t miss lunch!

Then, I had to drive home. No wrong turns (okay, well, technically there was that one, but I managed to fix it fast) but there was still the construction to deal with, which led me to be stuck in traffic for half an hour, maybe longer. All I know is I ate a donut while I was in the car and I never eat when I’m driving.

So, this week I’m still looking for that spark to ignite my motivation again. And until then, I am muddling through. I have found that making a list of stuff that needs to be done helps (at least a little.)


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