Daily Archives: October 19, 2017

Time To… Thursday: Celebrate an Anniversary

My three-year anniversary is a week from today. The internet tells me that the traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather (which we certainly can’t afford, but I understand how that would have been different historically) and the modern gift is crystal/glass (which we wouldn’t want with Baby Girl around, unfortunately.)

With the budget on lockdown, we aren’t going to do gifts anyway. I have relented about cards, only because we’re both sentimental fools and have kept all the cards and letters we’ve given each other over the years. And we are going to celebrate with a nice dinner out – made all the nicer by the fact that we have been denying ourselves take-out because of budget concerns. We will be taking Baby Girl with us, which I know does not delight servers or customers, but we are aware of this and try to take precautions. We ask to be seated away from other customers (if it can be helped), we only take her places where there is a kids’ menu and therefore some expectation that kids will be there, and we tend to ask for the check fairly soon after we get our meals. (We hardly ever order dessert, mainly because there are usually better, separate places to get dessert. Unless there’s cheesecake. That’s a different story.)

I know I should be getting her used to being left with people, but honestly my husband and I don’t have a lot of options and I don’t like the idea of leaving her with a stranger when she’s too young to tell me what happened when I was gone. I also grew up not having babysitters very often (for a myriad of reasons), so I’m super-hesitant about it.

She is getting better at communicating though, and if we can get her schedule to stay fairly sane, babysitters may not be as far in the future as I think!

As for our anniversary, the other thing we’ll be doing is taking anniversary pictures. We missed doing fancy shmancy ones for our first anniversary because baby girl was literally a month old! But we took some last year and even though we did them ourselves, I think they turned out fabulously. So we’re going to do them again this year, at the same place we got married! Weather permitting, we’ll be doing them this weekend, so I will report back about how they turn out!