Flashback Friday: Navigating the Holidays With A Little One

It is a little early to start talking about the holidays, but holidays have always excited me and it only got worse when I had my daughter.

That being said, I do everything big, and big is hard when your child is less than a month old. I was still recovering from her birth (and the move!) when October rolled around, and it was time to put my Halloween decorations up. I managed it, though. We even sent pictures to a couple of my coworkers who had grown accustom to seeing my decorations (well, putting up with me showing them off might be a better way of putting it.)

My husband did help me, while Baby Girl was asleep, put up some of the heavier things, like the wonderful spooky gravestones I got from Target. They still fall over some times, but at least they don’t blow away like the cardboard or Styrofoam ones! And the rest of it, I’m happy to say, I put up.

It made me feel more like a human and less like a Mombie. So if you are the type of person who decorates for the holidays, let me tell you now, it can be done – you just need to schedule the time in, and make sure that anything you put inside is baby proofed!

(My Halloween village is not going up this year for that very reason.)



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