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Time To… Thursday: Time to Decorate!

I usually do all of my Christmas decorating on the weekend after Thanksgiving. It seems perfect, because I have time off. I was even all set to write a post about how it went today. I planned a whole post out and was just going to fill in the details.

This year, however, I did not do any decorating over the post-Thanksgiving weekend. I still have my harvest decorations up, inside and out. Part of that is because I have been overwhelmed this year, especially the latter half of it, and part of it is because Thanksgiving was so darn early this year – there had been a whole extra week of November!

Tomorrow though, that all changes. It will be the first day of December, and I’m bound and determined to get some of it done- even if it’s just the inside decorations. If the weather holds, we’ll try to do more.

I did get a lead on some free greenery at one of the Christmas tree places – they have a dumpster full of trimmings that they occasionally let people pick through, and I may take them up on it if they’ll let me.

Stay tuned!


Working Wednesday: 8 days left!

I don’t even know how it is possible, but I only have eight working days left of the semester.

Technically, my library will be open for three days on the following week as well, due to new rules from the administration, but my support staff will be working during that time. The main campus has staff at the desk, and if I am going to be forced to be open, we will, too.

A bonus is that because it is finals week next week, and my employee does not have a final in her Wednesday class, I won’t have to work late next Wednesday ! That means this is my last late night! Maybe ever!

Oh, who am I kidding? There will eventually be schedule conflicts again.

But for now, I’m finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope it’s not a freight train conducted by the Roadrunner…

Together Tuesday: Thanksgiving!

So, after all the talk all month about Thanksgiving, here is how mine went:

I baked all day on Wednesday. I made the rolls, the pie, and the homemade bread! And then we went out to dinner at this little drive in, in town. The drive threw part was closed, because they were getting ready to close for the holiday, so we went inside, and when we did, they gave Baby Girl a little ice cream cone while we waited!

After dinner, we started a new tradition: we hauled the guest bed mattress out into the living room, and made a nest of pillows and blankets to cuddle in while we watched TV. That stayed up until Sunday afternoon!

Thursday was a breeze. With no company, I wasn’t too worried about getting everything done perfectly on time. Baby Girl went down for a nap at the perfect time, though, and everything did get done on time. It was awesome.

Baby girl stayed up too late (probably too much sugar from the sweet potato casserole that she loved and ate way too much of) but I still got up for Black Friday shopping! Headed out of the house at around 6am, grabbed a cafe breve (that’s a cafe latte made with half and half)! and shopped until Baby Girl got up at 10 am and the husband texted me to come home.

Then, when she went back to sleep, I went back out for more shopping.

All in all, it was a great weekend, but I’m looking forward to my Christmas vacation (Nine days and counting!)

Menu Monday: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Hi there everyone! It appears that my pre-loaded posts were not the correct, finished posts for yesterday and today, so if you stopped by and saw only blank posts, I’m sorry!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of time to recreate my post for today, so I am going to have to give you a synopsis:

We always have a ton of leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, because our family is so small. In addition to keeping us in turkey sandwiches for the entirety of the long weekend (and today – I’m eating one last one as I type this!), I put aside some cooked turkey to put in the freezer, just like I do with my roasted chicken.

This means I have two meals’ worth (about 4 cups) of turkey just chilling in my freezer right now, perfect for enchiladas or any recipe that calls for pre-cooked chicken.

I used to also make a Shepard’s pie with turkey, mashed potato, and stuffing, but we did not have stuffing this year, so I turned our leftover mashed potatoes into potato cakes! I used this recipe, and I will warn you, they were more like a potato pancake, than a potato cake, but they were still tasty!

Everything else I made was pretty much gone by last night, so we had homemade pizza for dinner.

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as successful!

Self-Care Saturday: Passion Project Update

We are nearing the end of the month on my passion project.

For my end, I have not been able to keep up with it as much as I would have liked and I intend to try again next month when I have a little bit more free time.

That being said, I had decided to post the exercises to a blog on Patreon as I mentioned in this post, and that half of it has gone very well. I don’t know how many people have founded it and are reading along for the month, but I do know that at least one person has been following it. She has commented on virtually every post and appears to be really getting a lot out of it, even though she strikes me as someone who doesn’t really need it.

Either way, I am pleased to say that even though I personally haven’t benefited from it yet, it is a success. After this month, I do intend change out the donation rewards to things that make more sense and continue making periodic updates (though certainly not the daily updates I have been doing thus far.)

What about you guys? Did any of you come up with passion projects? Tell me all about them in the comments!

Flashback Friday: Second Black Friday

I will confess, on the second Black Friday since I had my daughter, I did not do very much Black Friday shopping, even though she was clearly old enough for me to leave her in the care of her father for the time it took.

I honestly wasn’t that excited about most of the deals that were available. Instead, I was on the hunt for one important thing: a Poppy Troll wig. You know, from that Trolls movie because they are insisting on cashing in on 80s and early 90s nostalgia now that we former kids are now old enough to have kids of our own?

My goddaughter wanted one desperately, and I knew that in some areas, they had sold out of them already. So in the midst of all of my Black Friday shopping, trying to take advantage of the excellent clothing sales that I normally peruse on Black Friday, I picked up the wig. As I recall it wasn’t even on sale (or if it was on sale, it was not a terribly good one.) It was just a run-of-the-mill purchase on a not so run-of-the-mill night. Exactly the sort of thing stores bank on for Black Friday, I would think.

I was relieved at having got the “it” toy for the season, even if it wasn’t of the same run-on-stores importance as Cabbage Patch Dolls or Tickle-Me Elmos. And I went about my season.

Then, it was time to pack up the gifts for my goddaughter… and I couldn’t find the wig. To this day, I still don’t know where it went. All I know is I about lost my mind trying to find a replacement on the 19th of December, while running out of shipping days and about to come down with the flu. (More on that later!)

Find a replacement I did, though – Target happened to still have a precious few left in stock online, and they were doing free two-day shipping, so I sent the wig straight to my goddaughter, and Christmas was saved!

Her mom sent me video of the reaction. It was awesome. I don’t think she cared one bit about anything else I sent her.



We will return to your regularly scheduled Career Mom posts tomorrow. Enjoy the holiday!