Daily Archives: December 1, 2017

Flashback Friday: Decorating with a Newborn

Baby Girl was two months old on Thanksgiving, 2015. She turned three months old on Boxing Day. So, she was tiny for that first Christmas. And therefore, adorable.

She also did not have the ability to get anywhere near the Christmas tree without one of us holding her, so we did not have to child-proof the tree!

Instead, we were able to thoroughly enjoy decorating, with her “directing” the decorating from the comfort and safety of her bassinet, which we positioned near the tree so she could watch us. We even got a great picture of it.

The other thing we did that Christmas, was start a tradition of buying her an ornament every year. My mom was the one who bought the first one, but we continued it last year and will continue it this year!

In fact, we’ll probably get her new ornament on date night this week!