Flashback Friday: A Holy Terror

Last week, we talked about the adorable newborn (well, less than 3 month old) at Christmas! Today we are going to talk about the Christmas season with a toddler! Yay!

First of all, as I mentioned yesterday, we had our Christmas tree delivered by a company I found online. It was very pricey, but I pretty much had no formal budget and spared no expense last Christmas; we had just paid off the final hospital bills and we were feeling free! (It will not be the same this year – we really need something in between the two extremes of 2015, where I counted every dime, and 2016.)

That in mind, setting up the tree was a breeze; the tree sat on the porch until Baby Girl took a nap, and then her father and I scrambled to put it up before she woke up. If I remember correctly, we even put most of the decorations up during her nap, but we did let her help with her ornaments; she has the one from my mother for her 2015 ornament and a pink, glittery rubber duckie ornament for 2016 – she was obsessed with duckies last year.

The problem came with trying to keep the curious toddler away from the tree after it was up. She was really curious about this new thing in her living room! I couldn’t really blame her for that, but it sure was frustrating. After some scolding, I went online and found a bright idea: wrap some empty boxes and put them around the tree to keep the child away!

I even weighed down the boxes with decorations from my mantle and bookcases, which gave me room to put up more decorations away from her reach!

I do not know how she is going to react to the tree this year, but I am probably going to do the same thing again. I’ve already saved a few boxes of different sizes, and I’ll be using rolls of cheap paper I picked up last year after Christmas.


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