Daily Archives: December 12, 2017

Together Tuesday: Potluck with the Coworkers

Today we had an end of the year potluck at work and I went even though I technically didn’t really have to be at work. My staff was covering the minimal (and frankly unnecessary) hours the library was open.

I made my amazing macaroni and cheese, which was almost completely devoured and cupcakes, which I am sure everyone will eat tomorrow. There are three holiday birthdays (not including my own), so I made this batch to cover them.

Coworker cupcakes will resume in January. The 19th, I think, unless that’s a weekend – I haven’t looked yet.

I also brought my daughter to work with me, which was fun, but then I pulled a muscle which was not fun and led to me crying while trying to get her in the car seat. Fun times.

Now I need to try to do some cleaning and figure out what’s for dinner.