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A new drawing!

Today I spent a little bit of time drawing. I did a couple of things in charcoal, but none of them turned out quite right. Then, I did this:


which was based on this picture of me:

IMAG0203 (2)

It has been a really long time since I did a self portrait. I had been trying one in charcoals, and not getting anywhere. When I switched to pencil though, it became easier… I will have to work on charcoals some more. And self-portraits. But it’s already 10x better than the one I did in 10th grade that took several weeks… I did get bored with the hair though. Hair is always boring.


And we’re back!

Artistic endeavors have been mainly of the slow and steady variety lately, but I do have a couple of finished projects to show off. First, there is this:


Another stab at working with water color pencils. I just don’t think I’m cut out for them, unfortunately.

And then, on the crafty side, there are these:

IMG341 IMG342

The first one is, of course, a Valentine’s wreath for my front door. I had to spray paint a grapevine wreath white to get the effect. Then it was just a matter of gluing some red roses on and tying on a pre-made bow.

The second one is the Christmas wreath I was supposed to make to match our Christmas tree this year. Every year I pick a new theme for the tree and this year it was obviously PINK! I picked up the stuff to make the wreath but with all I had to do for Christmas presents, I ended up not doing it until now.

Paintings, 1/11/13

I’ve always been creative, but in the last couple of months, I have churned out so many craft projects that I can’t figure out how I had the time to do anything else!┬áBut despite it being hectic, I enjoyed it. That was until I woke up on January first and realized that with all of the gifts finally dispersed, I did not have any of my beautiful creations. I did not even have pictures of most of them. So here I am, creating this sister blog to my cooking blog, where I will show off my work!

I fully intend to provide directions for the craft projects but my first post is art, not crafts. Friday, I finally got the chance to open up the art supplies my girlfriend bought me for Christmas and start working with them. I produced two paintings.

The first, was with watercolor pencils, and is currently unnamed.


The second was done in acrylics, and is called “Sword Thru Brambles.”


It has been years since I did any more art than the occasional sketch, but I have so far been enjoying getting back to it. I even went and bought more supplies today.

No idea what the next post will be yet. Or when it will be. We’ll see where my mood takes me.