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Working Wednesday: Pushy Coworkers

For some of you, this post will be entirely irrelevant for any number of reasons. Some of you may enjoy talking about your children endlessly to your coworkers. Some of you may have jobs where your coworkers do not care in the least that you’ve reproduced. Neither is the case with me.

Like a lot of my posts, I have to preface this with: this does not apply to the main campus. As far as I can tell, they have been nothing but appropriate in asking what they have about Baby Girl. A polite question here or there, if they aren’t on my social media accounts to see more regular updates.

This concerns a few individuals who would apparently like it if I brought my daughter to work every day. They tell me they haven’t seen her in so long, and start asking when I’ll bring her in again.

In my heart of hearts, the answer to that would be never. I like that I work for a family-friendly campus that can rearrange things in an emergency, but I truly believe that is only for emergencies, and with my husband being a stay at home dad, those situations are highly unlikely for me.

Still, they persist. Pictures are not enough, and I’m sharing them grudgingly already. So I have found a polite, professional way to cave to their demands within the scope of my own work ethic: we have two “family fun” events every year, one in the spring and one in the fall. So, instead of helping with the events ( which I’m not required to do anyway) I go get Baby Girl and take her to the event so everyone can see her, at least briefly.

This compromise seems to have made my more pushy coworkers happy, and positively delighted the more sensible among them.

Does your work place hold any family friendly events? If they don’t- and they simultaneously want to see your kids – could a family friendly event be organized?