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Making Time To Clean

I will tell you right now, I am not a good housewife. One of the jokes that is frequently made in my circle of friends is that I had to be a CareerMom because there was no way I’d survive as a SAHM.

Like all the best jokes, there’s a grain of truth to that. And as the stay-at-home parent, my husband does clean up after Baby Girl while he’s watching her all day. If she naps well, he might even do an extra chore or two. But when I come home, there is usually cleaning to be done, so how do I do it and not forfeit my precious “me-time?”

The first thing I did was prioritize cleaning tasks. FlyLady helped me with that. The following things have to be done every day:



    Making the bed


Once those four things are done, then I can turn my attention to other things.

Making the bed happens as soon as I wake my husband up at 8:45, though if I was the one getting up second, I would do it as soon as I got up. It takes 30 seconds. Unless Baby Girl wakes up crying, I can spare 30 seconds.

For the rest: I do dishes while Baby Girl is finishing eating. I sweep then, too, if there is time, but she likes to steal the broom, so sometimes I don’t sweep until she’s asleep.

Once she’s napping, I will run a load of laundry before I go back to work. I’ll move it right before I start dinner (when my husband is watching her).

I also do small chores during commercial breaks of TV shows, or while a video game is loading. If I’m doing crafts, usually something has to warm up or dry or otherwise be left alone for a few minutes.

Getting bigger chores done obviously takes me away from fun stuff for longer, but I will set a timer for 15 minutes, get as much done as I can, and then reward myself with some fun time – alternating for as long as I have time without Baby Girl.

Now that she is older, she is also sometimes perfectly content to sit in her high chair and color, so that’s an option, as well.

How do you make time to clean? Leave me a comment!


Working Wednesday: CoWorker Cupcake Marathon!

… Or should that be triathalon? I mean, it’s the same thing (making cupcakes) but it is three different recipes.

I’m not going to lie, Monday night was a little rough. Baby girl did not want to go to sleep, but I was exhausted; she had been up earlier than normal and did not want to nap until right before I left for work at 9:45. When I finally got her down to sleep for the night, cupcakes were the last thing on my mind, but promises are promises, and besides I was a little excited for this recipe (when awake enough to appreciate it, anyway).

I made butterbeer cupcakes! For those of you not in the know, butterbeer is a fictional drink from Harry Potter, come to life at Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My husband I drank so much of the stuff while we were there on our honeymoon, and Makayla, my employee who turned 22 Tuesday, is a huge fan of both butterbeer and Harry Potter in general.

I did not do anything particularly different to these, so I won’t be making a separate post at Butter and Whisky.

Instead, we will be talking a little bit about cleaning. It’s the entire reason I was able to make cupcakes last night when I desperately wanted to go to bed. I have been following an incredibly simplified version of Flylady, and am slowly modifying that already simplified routine to better suit my needs.

I started where she preaches the most: the kitchen sink. After working entirely too hard to get through a mound of dishes, I “reset” my thinking about dishes. It used to be that I would wait until I was finished creating dirty dishes to start cleaning. Now, when I make something, I plan time in the process to wash dishes, and I do not, under any circumstances leave any dishes in the sink when I go out of the house or go to sleep for the night. Just that change has made a world of difference, and I spend less time doing dishes over all (at least partially because I don’t have to scrub so hard.)

That also meant that Monday night,  I came home to a mostly clean sink (my husband had dirtied some silverware and not had time to wash it.) I made dinner, washing dishes as I went along, and then I cleaned up the last of the dishes while Baby Girl was finishing her meal. The sink was pristine and beautiful when I set in to make cupcakes at 10:30 at night! I powered through, washing dishes as I went, and was able to wipe down the kitchen while I waited for the cupcakes to finish baking.

Frosting happened Tuesday morning, and I finished cleaning up while I started breakfast.

Take a look at FlyLady if you’re having a hard time keeping your house clean. Or, stick around here and listen to my adventures with it instead! I started with the shiny sink habit, and have been trying to add habits weekly – we’ll talk more about it in future posts!