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Thematic Thursday: Date Night Vacation

Hi there, y’all! This week’s Thematic Thursday is a date night idea I had last summer. I’ve only done it once, because it took a little bit of prep work, but I’d like to share it with you.

For our date night, we went on a virtual vacation to Istanbul!  I surprised my husband with these fake plane tickets and printed a vacation passport and stamps from this kid’s activity. I even made a stamp for the Istanbul airport because our particular location wasn’t in the activity kit.

I decorated our kitchen table with inexpensive trinkets that seemed reminiscent of Turkey, including gold-edged paper plates and napkins from the party store. I even broke out my gold colored chargers from the holidays.

Now, because I live in a cultural wasteland (okay, that’s harsh… it is just not a very diverse area.) I ended up making some authentic Turkish food. Including baklava! If you’re in a more ethnic area or your destination isn’t quite as exotic, you can serve up some takeout instead and save yourself some trouble. I plan to do that when we reprise this date night for Japan!

I made a cute little menu in the style of a Turkish restaurant with what I had made; I made two separate entrees just like if we were at a real restaurant.

Then, after dinner, we settled in for the “sightseeing” – we watched YouTube videos of the locations that we wanted to go to, picking them from a handy map of Istanbul that I printed out.

My husband was thrilled; he has always wanted to go to Istanbul, but there are about a million reasons why it will probably never happen. You’ll love the virtual vacation too, and I’m sure you’ll want to do it more than once, so take my advice:  Keep the passport for future vacations!