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Time To… Thursday: Time to Get Dressed 

Today’s topic is a habit I fall out of every time I’m on vacation. It usually takes a couple of weeks into the semester for me to remember to do it again.

On Sunday nights, I pick out all my clothes for the week, including any accessories I might want to wear. I pick out five outfits, and that’s what I choose from during the week.

This accomplishes a couple of things:

  1. I spend less time during the week getting dressed by minimizing the choices.
  2. It is more time effective to look for all accessories at once than a small amount each day (because my accessories are kept up and away from small hands, and are not as efficiently organized as a result.)
  3. I dress nicer because I can take more time planning my outfits on Sunday night than I could any morning.

In addition – I have more time in the morning for self-care makeup or a family breakfast. 

Just remember to check the weather report!