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21 Days of Creativity: Day 14

Today’s craft is part decoration, part proof – of – concept. My daughter used to eat a lot of the Gerber puffs snacks and we always had tons of containers. I have thrown most of them away, but I still  had one in my upcycle bin. I decided to see if I could do the yarn wrap project that tons of people do to wine bottles on a Gerber puffs container instead. It worked and if I get any more containers I might make a couple of companions for the piece I made today. Unfortunately, Baby Girl is getting too old for puffs, so I don’t know if I will have any more containers. Then again, when she stops nursing, I will probably start having wine bottles!


21 Days of Creativity: Day 13

I successfully completed an upcycle project!

21 Days of Creativity: Day 10

Today I did the other canvas quote for my living room wall. The quote is apocryphal, I’m fairly certain.

My research tells me it is a summation of a quote from a biography written 20 years after the quote was supposedly said. Even so I feel like the quote imparts a truth that I believe wholeheartedly and I want Anna to grow up believing. Plus the quote by Socrates was probably apocryphal, too; I just didn’t bother to look it up.

21 Days of Creativity: Day 6

Today’s project is a canvas stencil of a favorite quote of mine.

I need to work on my technique, but I’m really happy with how this turned out. It is going to hang between my diploma and my husband’s diploma on the wall in the living room. I have another canvas and another quote that I will probably do during another day of this challenge.

That’s all for now!

21 Days of Creativity: Day 5

Today, after a false start with another project, I decided to use the daylight and get this spray paint job out of the way instead.

I intentionally let a little bit of the original paint show through- I think it gives it an antique look. It is going to hang around another project I made that is in the nursery right now, but it is still drying and Baby Girl is asleep, so hanging will have to wait.

21 Days of Creativity: Day 3

Today I did some shopping to get supplies for my planned projects while my husband watched Baby Girl. She was still napping when I got home, so I used the free time to make conversation heart yard stakes.

Is it too early to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Because I think I would like to get some action shots tomorrow!

Also this easy project, finished early, means that I can hopefully spend tonight working on one of my more time consuming projects!