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21 Days of Creativity: Day 11

I have a confession to make.

I am kind of a hoarder. No, I don’t keep gross stuff like old food and trash. My house is reasonably neat. But I have a hard time throwing away (or giving away) certain things. Old t-shirts, for one. Glass and plastic storage containers, for another.

So I have a little cube storage bin in my craft room for “upcycle” projects. Everything has to fit into the cube or it has to go away. Periodically I go through it, but not nearly often enough.

Yesterday, I went through it.

I had been hoping to start a t-shirt quilt yesterday, because about half of the bin is filled with t-shirts. But, surprisingly, for as tiny as I am, my t-shirts take up a lot of room. After sorting through, I only found 10 t-shirts – not enough to start my quilt. I did cut them down to quiltable size though – and discovered that no matter how I work with it, there is one that is just too big to be a quilt square. I think I’m going to turn it into a pillow, instead. It’s a band t-shirt and I know someone who is a much bigger fan than I am who might like it.

Cutting them down did make them take up a lot less room in my hoarder bin, so that was nice. But it did not really solve the problem of me getting a craft activity done yesterday. So, I kept looking.

I found an old plastic cornstarch container. I had some spray paint. So, I spray painted it. But the spray paint didn’t dry right, so I gave up and did yesterday’s project.

Today, though, the clouds parted for a little while, and it was nice and warm outside, so I decided to take another crack at it. The spray paint still didn’t dry quite right (it was this forged hammered paint and I think the humidity/original coat not drying correctly messed with it) but I showed it to my husband and he liked it, so I painted “Rob’s Gaming Fund” on it, and voila! A finished craft project!