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Self-Care Saturday: Make-up

How do you feel about makeup?
I know that we’re supposed to love our flaws. But there is pressure to look good when you’re a professional and a woman. I have the added bonus of looking like I’m approximately 18 without makeup, which I will appreciate later but not right now when people still routinely confuse me with the students.

I also actually like makeup. I still wear my signature black eyeliner even though I’m pretty sure it went out of style a million years ago. I like how I look with it. But putting makeup on in the morning can be a big hassle when you have little ones.  So I have some advice for those of you who wear makeup regularly or would like to again:

  1. Streamline your process. I wear 4 things on my face: concealer, mineral foundation, bronzer, and eyeliner. If I wear anything on my lips, it’s typically a gloss that doesn’t require any accompaniment (or even a mirror.)
  2. If you have anything you really want to keep in your routine, see if it can do double duty. For example, I use my bronzer as blush as well – a light dusting over my whole face and then a bit darker on my cheeks.
  3. Toss out makeup you don’t use. It’s just getting in the way. That includes applicators.
  4. If there is makeup you don’t want to part with but you don’t use regularly, put it up away from your day to day makeup. It will save you time because you won’t be fumbling.

There. Take some time to follow these suggestions and see how long – or short! – your makeup routine can be. Mine is less than 5 minutes!