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Flashback Friday: What to Wear When You’re Expecting

This post is coming to you live (well, as in, I’m going to write it and immediately post it, instead of scheduling it) because I needed to be on my actual computer to write it. You see, I’m about to link all over the place!

Today’s Flashback Friday is all about the clothes you should wear when you’re pregnant. These days, we have a lot of choices on what to wear, and I am here to talk to you about professional(ish) clothes that look great. I say professional-ish because I dress strictly business casual, and I really like dresses and skirts. Your requirements may vary.

First up, of course, is Motherhood Maternity. They can be quite pricey, as I found out when I needed a dress for a summer wedding. My husband was the best man, so not attending was not an option. But I found a dress for $35. Not a great price for a dress I wore three times (it was near the end of my pregnancy), but it worked well and wowed the other guests at the wedding. If you have the luxury of time, I would recommend shopping their website, rather than their storefronts – there is more selection and better sales.

Second, and this is honestly where I got most of my maternity clothes, is Kohl’s. They are forever running sales, and their clearance section tends to be robust Some of what they sell is a secondary label of Motherhood Maternity called Oh Baby! but I have also seen other brands there. Plus, if you time it right, you can snag Kohl’s Cash and use it to dress your little one!

Third, is Zulily. This one is a little more hit-or-miss, and I have to admit that though I saw plenty of things I liked from them, the timing was never right for me. They cycle through collections frequently though, so you should definitely give them a look.

Lastly, there are yard sales and consignment shops. Your town is full of women who have vowed that they are never having more kids and are ready to get rid of their maternity clothes. I would recommend stopping anywhere that advertises they have kid’s clothes – moreĀ  often than not, there will be a small selection of maternity clothes. I got my favorite maternity dress – the one we took my pregnancy photos in – from a massive fundraising consignment sale hosted by the Boys and Girls Club here. Even if you’re newly pregnant, I would take advantage of the summer season and get to shopping – you can always fill in gaps in your wardrobe later as you discover them.

One slightly negative thing I have to add: I would stay away from Macy’s. What I saw was over-priced, incredibly similar to other things I had seen elsewhere, and pretty much never went on sale.


21 Days of Creativity: Day 19

Like a bunny, before I go to Atlanta: scrapbooking pages for my craft of the day.

I have cross-stitch packed to work on while I’m in Atlanta and I should be back on Saturday in time to do something in my craft room.