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Conference Trip Planner

I’m back! In a relatively short amount of time, even!

Today I bring you another planner – this one for conferences. I know that there are a lot of blogging conference planners out there, but the conferences I attend are usually work related – library and technology conferences – and I am often a scheduled presenter. So, none of the blogging conference planners really worked for me.

My conference trip planner includes the following:

  1. Title Page
  2. Information Sheet (Conference Info, Justification, Days gone from work, Coverage needed for job)
  3. Budget Tracker (with reimbursement category!)
  4. Presentation Planner
  5. Conference Packing List
  6. Before You Leave Checklist
  7. Itinerary (two days on a page)
  8. Conference Schedule (for those who like a calendar form)

You can preview the pages below and download the planner here.