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21 Days of Creativity: Day 13

I successfully completed an upcycle project!

21 Days of Creativity: Day 9

I had to be an adult today and drop by work to make phone calls while Baby Girl was napping.

But! I did not fail in my creativity quest! I made a little bag of holding for Baby Girl’s Little People toys which are currently scattered on the living room floor.

She slept in one long nap today though, so I have no clue what tonight will bring as far as getting more free time goes.

I do know that I am probably going to need more crafting supplies soon though. Or other craft ideas.

21 Days of Creativity: Day 4

So, I pretty much forced myself to do this one, because it involves sewing, and I hate sewing, but I’ve had the project kicking around my craft room since July.

This summer I bought this outfit for Baby Girl at a yard sale. 

When I got it home, I promptly shrunk it. It’s supposed to be a size 9-12 months. She never got to wear it (or two other shirts, but they will be another post on another day.)
Tonight, I turned the outfit into this:

It isn’t the best thing I have seen, but it isn’t the worst, either. I should have re-hemmed the shirt, and I might still do that. But it taught me a few things about re-purposing baby clothes and hopefully I will do better when I re-purpose those other two shirts .

For now, Day 4 is done!