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Working Wednesday: Rough Mornings

Today’s blog post does not really have any advice in it. I’m very sorry. Instead, I am going to relate to you, my Monday morning experience.

I think that Baby Girl might be going through somewhat of a growth spurt. She’s cranky, but has no sign of any illness, she’s eating like a horse (again, contradicting an illness theory), and she is not sleeping well. I was worried she might be getting too much caffeine in my breast milk, since I’m still nursing, so I cut down for a few days (toddlers metabolize it differently) and that did not change anything. If anything, it made things worse, because then I was cranky, too!

So, Monday morning, after very little sleep, I got up, got dressed, had her refuse her morning nap, and dragged myself into work. On top of everything, I’d made cupcakes for a birthday (the trials of which will no doubt be posted to Butter and Whisky shortly). I was at work for a little less than an hour (with me typoing everything in sight and generally being cranky) when my husband texted and said that Baby Girl was finally feeling sleepy.

Remember that post where I said vacation time is all right? Well, I decided that between me being incredibly unproductive and Baby Girl needing me, taking a couple hours of my vacation time would be okay. I’m salaried, so my vacation time doesn’t work quite the same as everyone else’s anyway.

I went home and got Baby Girl to sleep, took a nap myself, and got back in time to work a little bit more of the day – I think I was gone for about two hours total. It was worth it, for my health, for my family, and for my productivity on the job.

… I’ll try not to feel too guilty that I just had a real vacation not two weeks ago.